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1. American?

2. This is my bedroom and my books.

3. This is friend.

4. There are good shops in the city.

5. sugar in my coffe?

6. “Where’s Esmaralda?” “She with Tobias.”

7. Fiona Hungarian and English.

8. “What ?” “He’s having lunch with his girlfriend.”

9. My sister get up early.

10. “Are your children playing in the garden?” “No, .”

11. Where ?

12. “Are there any apples on the table?” “No, .”

13. Amanda’s only got money.

14. “Would you like some coffee?” “No, I don’t want , thank you.”

15. We’re sorry, but we it yet.

16. her before?

17. Amanda to the beach on Saturday.

18. The taxi hasn’t arrived .

19. I TV when the postman arrived.

20. What yesterday?

21. She doesn’t like fish, ?

22. I grandma this weekend.

23. This morning is than yesterday morning.

24. anything interesting at the weekend?

25. Did you enjoy the book?

26. While we were having the picnic, it to rain.

27. If I a promise, I will keep it.

28. She asked me who .

29. If I in Japan, I would have sushi every day.

30. Casanova wanted the girl .

31. Your friend said that you listening to music.

32. I finished work, walked to the beach and a nice place to swim.

33. She was she fell asleep immediately.

34. The film made me .

35. I will give you a ring when I home.

36. Alberto promised me he late any more.

37. This film is funny nor interesting.

38. Jacob walked home and Sebastian.

39. By the time you return next winter, the house .

40. If I time, I would have gone to see him. But I didn’t have time.

41. Women to live longer than men.

42. The fence has been destroyed in a storm and I need to get it quickly.

43. That must the right restaurant. There are no other restaurants on this street.

44. Sorry, I to you all day. I was extremely busy.

45. She thought she able to do the housework in the evening.

46. I wish I an angel.

47. David getting up early.

48. What do you suggest we ?

49. We discussed the plans our way to the shops.

50. They had to leave the flat because they couldn’t pay the .


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